Geraldine Whalley Dog Portraits Uk

After leaving college, at the age of nineteen, I worked as a textile designer for seventeen fabulous years, creating hundreds of original designs and thousands of colourways, for a company that supplied mattress tickings and duvet sets to the bedding industry.
Five years after becoming a mother, I decided to take a job as an Arts & Design Technology Technician in a large secondary school on the outskirts of Manchester. Seeing my people portraits and continuous attendance of Stockport Art Guild's portrait evenings, in 2012, a colleague at the school asked me to paint his mother in law's dog, and ever since then, I've been completely hooked! šŸ¶ šŸŒ

I have painted pet portraits in all kinds of media, but most recently, in lockdown 2021, I closed the commissions book down for a few months so I could totally concentrate on developing my skills in the ancient art of traditional, kiln-fired glass painting. I took an online course by Williams & Byrne, (alongside studying the works of various master crafters), and joined The British Society of Master Glass Painters.

When Iā€™m not painting people's pets, Iā€™m slowly filling my Etsy shop with flowers, leaves, birds, butterflies and bees. šŸŒŗ šŸƒ

DO get in touch if you'd like a portrait for yourself or a friend!


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Stained Glass Dog